Podcasts are great but...

If you love conversations that make you feel like "YAAAAAS!" 

Then raise your hands for the most epic high-five EVER!!!! 

Because I freaking love them. 

It's like someone else gets it. As if they were in your head. Reading your mind and speaking your thoughts. 


Maybe they say something that gets you thinking differently. Like they opened your eyes to something you've never even thought about before. They solved a problem or recommended a way of working/organizing/marketing/journaling/parenting/dog training...ANYTHING. 

These kinda convo's gets me fired up. Getting excited, inspired, ready to learn and grow. 

It's one of the main reasons I love podcasts. You can sit in on someone else's visit, with a pen and paper, and just learn. Get some free tips and tricks, get motivated and inspired. Sometimes get deep...into something that steams into an emotional breakthrough. 

My only drawback with podcasts, is that I usually have questions about what the host is talking about. I want to ask them, share in the laugh or experience. 

SO...I was thinking...if I wanted more from these podcasts, I bet others do too. I can't be the only one thinking "I wanna be there!". Which means there was a problem to solve. 


(insert drum roll please...)




Yes! Instagram Live conversations with some of the most influential humans in Canada. This way you can ask questions, send love or laugh at the hysterically funny jokes we tell. I think I'm pretty funny. ;) 

I've been working on this idea for months, and I think it's time to bring it to life. Don't you? 

I can't wait to have coffee, tea, or something stronger, with so many inspiring people talking about some hot topics we wanna hear about. From A-Z. 

Stay tuned for all the details. And thanks again for reading the blog! 

Cheers xo 

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