Empowering people to feel confident in their own unique style while making a difference for Mother Earth.

Hello, hi, heeeey!

Thank you for stopping by and browsing Linen & Fold, a boutique that was born to make an impact and help shift the fashion industry.

I worked in fashion for a few years (ok, lots if you count my years from Jr High to after graduation). And the turnover I saw in big box stores was unreal. So much waste, and for what, so we can follow trends that might not even suit us, embrace our personality, or even make us feel good? I vote no!

From the dyes used, to landfills being overwhelmed with clothes that are not biodegradable, to the immense amount of water clothing production can take, fast fashion is one of the world's biggest environmental destroyers. And most people don't even realize the impact this industry has.

I truly believe that you can love fashion and BE KIND to Mother Earth. There are ways.

I want to help create a world where clothing tells a person's unique story. Where clothes are more than something we buy season to season and toss later. I would love for us to build stronger connections with our clothes- knowing where they come from, who made them, how they are produced & their impact on the world we live in. I believe in Sustainable Fashion, wearing second-hand, repurposing pieces, vegan materials, and transitioning clothes from season to season when you can.

Sustainable fashion starts with us making conscious purchases and falling in love with our clothes & purchases!